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Recordstreet.com.my is a website owned and operated by SL United Trading, a sole proprietorship business registered under Malaysia companies act 1965 with a company registration number of CT0011857-U

You are advised to check on this page often, as we may change the content from time to time, any updated terms & conditions will then be applicable to any new order or communication after the contract has been updated. Please note that we reserves all legal rights and has the final right to change the shopping processes and regulations. Thank you for your cooperation.

The access to recordstreet.com.my is granted to you on a temporary basis and shall not be use for any commercial use, including copying, modifying or reproduce any content on recordstreet.com.my unless with the prior written consent from SL United Trading. While SL United Trading always attempt to keep any information published on recordstreet.com.my is as accurate as possible, and make sure the website and applicable network is available throughout the day. SL United Trading shall not be liable if any part of the website is not accessible for any time or any period of time. If you have placed an order with recordstreet.com.my, and we have found that the information for the product is not accurate, we will contact you as soon as possible and may offer you a choice to change to other product with the same value and the option to top up.

For special case, sometimes different monitors and display settings may display color of the images on screen differently. We are unable to make any guarantee that the color display on your monitor will be the same as the actual product received. We are commonly sell collectibles that are out of print and rare to find. Any good sold is not returnable or refundable.

We are not responsible whenever our goods, media, content, images that obtained from recordstreet.com.my used for reselling purpose. When you register an account or shop with recordstreet.com.my, you will receive an email confirmation about the registration or confirmation that the order has been placed successfully. These are just a notification of the same, and not an actual contract of the sale. The contract is only entered after recordstreet.com.my received your payment, then dispatched your order from our warehouse, which you will be receiving a dispatch confirmation email stating that your order has been shipped (CONTRACT). If for any reason, the email that was sent is not delivered, including but not limited to the reason that the email was not delivered due to spam filter, firewall, or any reason beyond of our control, the contract is still considered entered. We may however attempt to communicate with you through the phone notifying you that your order has been dispatched.

Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. Recordstreet.com.my reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason. Recordstreet.com.my reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order, without prior notice to you. The contract is only entered after recordstreet.com.my received your payment, then dispatched your order from our warehouse, which you will be receiving a dispatch confirmation email stating that your order has been shipped (CONTRACT).

All transaction in Ringgit Malaysia (RM):
• Cash Deposit
• Online Banking
• Paypal (For Customer Outside Malaysia Only, transaction limit RM500.00.)
• Please check properly on the item details such as size, item number, price and so fourth.
• Your order will proceed to be delivered after the payment is made, please make payment within 3 working days once we sent our bank account numbers to you. 
Otherwise the order will be cancelled automatically.
     - Please email us your payment details, bank receipt.
     - Payment to which Bank
     - Payment to which Account name
     - Payment on what time - Date-time (e.g. 02/02/2012 10:30AM)

• Around 1 – 3 working days start from the payment date.
• Full address, name, person's contact number are required.
• For any incorrect information, we will not responsible for any delay or non-deliveries.
• We are unable to guarantee that the parcel are always delivered in the stipulated time, especially when there are any irregularities due to holiday,  flight delay, union strike, weather, natural disaster and others.
• We will provide tracking number to you for tracking the parcel online.
Buyers can choose which delivery service they prefer, we cannot guarantee the accurate time of receiving the item, or theft occur on the delivery company side. Any loss should be claimed from the delivery company side. Please fill the shipping information and contact person info correctly. Any transaction with recordstreet.com.my declared that you had agreed with our terms and conditions.

• Customer will be informed first before making any payment. If entire order is out of stock, order will be cancelled.

For Order from outside Malaysia, if your orders more than certain amount you may be subject to import customs duties, taxes, delivery surcharges, VAT or etc. once a shipment reaches your country. RecordStreet.com.my is not responsible in the case that additional charges apply.
Please contact your local customs office for information.


From time to time, during some special event or promotional period, we may send out gift voucher to our valued customer, or our valued customers will also be able to request for a gift voucher after a certain amount of spending. We will make sure that these gift vouchers are securely stored on our database, but we are unable to replace if a gift voucher sent to you is lost, or is stolen and used by anyone. If any gift voucher is found to be obtained by inappropriate ways such as falsifying the voucher, recordstreet.com.my reserve the rights not to honor or disable those voucher. 

Because we are only human, we make mistakes. We reserves the right to not honor prices made mistakenly and refuse or cancel any orders placed for product / service listed at the incorrect price. 

If any dispute arises between the buyer and seller can be resolved in accordance with the agreement of both sides was identified or the relevant laws. In order to provide you a safe and enjoyable shopping experience, we setup the following terms of use, makes you more aware of our expectations on both sides. Please note that when you browse recordstreet.com.my, any page on your behalf to accept and abide by these terms. We suggest you to carefully read our terms and conditions.

Recordstreet.com.my is not liable for any losses or damages (tangible or intangible) caused by this website or any website linked to or from this website. Recordstreet.com.my and its contents are provided on the basis of available information, so we will not be made due to website content, or for any loss caused by the products purchased by the use of online direct, indirect, accidental, derivative and punitive damages (including money and intangible losses) and liable (in addition to the legally implied Ordinance). Please read carefully the information and precautions before using products purchased in recordstreet.com.my.





本店名为《思亮合众贸易》,公司注册号为CT0011857-U是于马来西亚1965公司条约下所注册的公司。本店网站recordstreet.com.my是由思亮合众贸易管理和运作。 这些使用条款(包括支援内的订购条款)将会在有需要的时侯作出修改,故阁下在本网站购物之前,请先详细阅读使用条款及订购条款。本店保留一切法律权利。请珍惜网络资源,本店拥有最后的更改权,可以随时更改购物流程及条例希望大家敬请注意,谢谢合作。

本网站目前只用作提供网上资讯及作为购物媒介用途。网站上的所有内容不得分发作任何商业用途, (包括重制、出售、播放、发行、重刊、改写、或以相同的格式或技术再传递)。本网站信息沟通内容只可在合法途径下使用,所有违反(任何具伤害性及恐吓性)本网站条款的资料,皆不得张贴。思亮合众贸易保留权利(但没有义务及责任)禁止及移除这些资料。我们希望通过不懈努力,为客户提供最佳服务,我们在给客户提供服务的全程中接受客户的监督。 如因不可抗力或其他无法控制的原因造成网站销售系统崩溃或无法正常使用,从而导致网上交易无法完成或丢失有关的信息、记录等,网站将不承担责任。但是我们将会尽合理的可能协助处理善后事宜,并努力使客户减少可能遭受的经济损失。



若任何注册会员购买本店之产品并转售或则在自己的网站或任何网站出售该产品, 并下载本店之图片, 本店绝不付起任何法律责任。 当您在recordstreet.com.my注册成为本站会员或下订单,您将会通过电子邮件收到通知。这只是一般的通知,而不是一个实际的销售合同。该合同只签订recordstreet.com.my收到您的付款后,我们从仓库派出您的订单,您将收到派遣确认电子邮件,同时注明您的订单已经发货(合同)和状态方便您确认。如果您无法收到任何通知,也许电子邮件无法通过防火墙系统或被列为垃圾邮件。这并不代表我们的交易已经取消,我们会通过电话联络。

当您收到电子确认订单或其他形式的订单并不意味着我们已接受您的订单,也不构成我们的销售要约的确认。 Recordstreet.com.my保留在任何时间收到您的订单后,订单以任何理由接受或拒绝的权利。 Recordstreet.com.my保留在任何时间收到您的订单后的权利,无需事先通知您。该合同只签订recordstreet.com.my收到您的付款后,我们从仓库派出您的订单,您将收到派遣确认电子邮件,同时注明您的订单已经发货(合同)。

以马币 (RM) 交易:
• 通过现金存款机
• 通过线上银行交付或转账
• 贝宝(只限于马来西亚境外客户而已,交易限额马币500。)
• 订购前请先查看货品的代码,价钱和其他讯息是否正确合意。
• 当您的订单已作出付款后,我们将尽快寄出您的货品。当您得到我们的银行帐户号码后,请在3个工作日内付款以避免订单被自动取消。
     - 请通过电子邮件寄送付款资料,银行收据给我们
     - 通过哪间银行付款
     - 所付款的银行帐号名
     - 付款的时间 – 日期和时间 (e.g. 02/02/2012 10:30早上)

本店可以按买方的要求代办相关运输手续,但我们的责任义务仅限于按时发货,遇到物流(邮政)意外时协助买方查询,不承担任何物流(邮政)提供给顾客之外的赔偿,一切查询索赔事宜均按照物流(邮政)的规定办理。在物流(邮政)全程查询期限未满之前,买方不得要求赔偿。《提醒买方一定核实好收货详细地址和收货人电 话,以免耽误投递。》凡在本店购物,均视为如同意此声明。
• 付款后的1至3工作日。
• 完整的寄送地址,联络人姓名和电话号码。
• 不完整的资料造成时间或金钱损失,本店不负任何责任。
• 我们无法保证您的货品会准时签收,如果遇到假期,运输公司将延迟寄货。
• 我们寄出您的货品后随后告诉您运输追踪号码,方便您确认货品的所在地。
本店可以按买方的要求代办相关运输手续,但我们的责任义务仅限于按时发货,遇到物流(邮政)意外时协助买方查询,不承担任何物流(邮政)提供给顾客之外的赔 偿,一切查询索赔事宜均按照物流(邮政)的规定办理。在物流(邮政)全程查询期限未满之前,买方不得要求赔偿。《提醒买方一定核实好收货详细地址和收货人电话,以免耽误投递。》凡在本店购物,均视为如同意此声明。

• 买家将第一时间在付款前得到通知。如果整个订单缺货,订单便取消。




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