About is a website owned and operated by SL United Trading, a sole proprietorship business registered under Malaysia companies act 1965 with a company registration number of CT0011857-U.  

We have operated a records store in Malaysia at some time in the past, from year 1974 to year 1999. We commonly sell collectibles that are out of print and rare to find with our online LP Records Store. If you browse through our website, you surely a vinyl collector. Please do not missed up every updated news from our website. We will add more vinyl records from time to time. Volume is limited, just one and only one for every vinyl lp. We deal with first come first served basis, so we always advice vinyl collectors to check our website frequently in order to catch up every single golden opportunity. Happy vinyl hunting!



本站曾经在1974年至1999年在经营一间马来西亚黑胶唱片专卖店,如今在本站所出售的货物大多为收藏品,一般在市场都很难找到因已经停止出产。如果您有兴趣游览我们的网站,您一定是位黑胶唱片收藏家。请不要错过本站每一次的更新讯息。本站会不断地增加黑胶唱碟和产品,由于唱片碟的存货有限,每张不同的唱片数量为1 - 2左右。我们都会以先到先得的方式进行交易,收藏家们请经常和不断地游览我们的网站。以免错过每一张珍贵的黑胶唱片收藏机会。祝您收藏愉快!

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SL United Trading, Malaysia
思亮合众贸易 (马来西亚)

Contact Person: Mr. Leong / 梁先生

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